Albany Motor Yacht Club

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Whether you are are new to boating or already have experience we believe we offer something for everyone;

    - We are a small club with members who will help out with knowledge of boating and will travel with you giving advice.

   - Everything on the river from how to cope with locks, mooring, best places to moor, best places for picnics, good eating venues etc.

   - All of our members also understand that sometimes people need to 'go it alone' so don't be afraid of offending.

   - We are a very sociable group of people who like to enjoy life, so if you do too this is the club for you!


If you are considering joining us you are welcome to join us, no obligation, and see if it's for you - contact one of the officers, or complete your details on our Contact us page and we'll get back to you.


If you are looking to have some fun with your boat, tidal or non-tidal, them contact us now.

Programme 20190306 Open/Download PDF of Programme