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We are a club who honour the traditions, but don't stand on ceremony.


I hope you will see from some of the following that we just like to have fun and enjoy!

By Editor, Jun 26 2019 12:43PM

Martin had an old out of date valise life-raft and suggested that we might us it for a demonstration of how to launch, inflate and potentially board a life-raft.

So after one of our regular monthly meetings we took said raft down to the waterside, gathered around, and shoved it into the water.

A couple of our lady members then tried tugging the painter line without success [Lesson 1: it's harder to get it to inflate that you might think!], but with a couple of gents helping out we managed to get the valise to pop open and start inflating….

To a chorus of Ooh’s and aaah’s it began to look as if we were about to have a successful launch, however….

Shortly after the hissing and whining sounds had begun, and the life raft had started taking a recognisable shape….

There was a rather loud pop/bang and a puff of talc, as the life raft exploded. It seems that the inner latex core and outer plastic of the raft had hardened, or perished and once a certain level of pressure was reached they both gave way!!!

Lesson 2: Life rafts go out of date for a reason!!!!

By Editor, Sep 2 2018 04:15PM

A very pleasant day at Shepperton marina with members, friends and other moorers.

The club was well attended, and featured a selection of "Fun on the Water" and "River Life" photo from our members, which were a great talking point for all who were at the event.

By Editor, Sep 1 2018 09:45AM

August weekend get together.

Several boats met at Boveney Lock for a BBQ over the weekend, some returning to home moorings on the Sunday, others heading further upstream for a longer trip.

By Editor, Jun 10 2018 01:23PM

A fun evening at Weybridge Mariners [thank you for the invitation].

Social chat, fun with skittles and some great friendly banter!

Sadly we lost overall by one pin, but regardless it was a great fun evening.

Chris Barry our top scorer of the evening
Chris Barry our top scorer of the evening

By Editor, Jun 7 2018 04:13PM

We set off from Shepperton and Teddington marina's on Thursday evening; Jacamar and Blue Diamond departing from Shepperton, with Enterprise and Venture leaving - Bagpuss & Co having already made the journey down earlier in the week, and would meet us in Chatham.

We settled in early, readying ourselves for the early start on Friday to follow the tide downstream through the city of London and out into the estuary, before turning back up the Medway at slack/rising tide.

The journey went to plan - mostly; one boat suffering engine issues, first Port then Starboard... and another's radar failed - which of course it would do when you actually need it, on the tidal part!

We made a steady pace to Chatham, locked in and settled down. Drinks and and exchange of travel tales on Blue Diamond, followed by dinnner at the local pub, the Ship and Trades.

Saturday was spent mostly in and around the fun of the Dickens event in Rochester, and then a group dinner in the eveing; which included an impromptu presentation and song for Les and Magraret [a.k.a Mr & Mrs Bagpuss] who were celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary...Congratulations indeed!

Sunday was a day at leisure, with several of us visiting the Dockyards at Chatham.

We returned on Monday back to Teddington, before taking the final stretch to our home moorings on the Tuesday.

The return passage was good, although the weather closed in and turned grey and cold.

Only one incident of note, Blue Diamond was brought to a near stand-still very quickly, from 15kts, by a large roll of plastic safety fencing that had somehow been disguarded in the Thames and which was floating just under the surface - it apeared astern after reversing the engines and it kicked clear. An interesting experience!

A step back in time...
A step back in time...
Venture, Jacamar and Enterprise Locking out of Chatham
Venture, Jacamar and Enterprise Locking out of Chatham
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