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We are a club who honour the traditions, but don't stand on ceremony.


I hope you will see from some of the following that we just like to have fun and enjoy!

By Editor, Oct 13 2017 05:53PM

Thanks to Chris Barry for arranging our group trip to Poole.

We stayed at the RNLI Training College facilities, and spent the day being guided around their impressive facilities - see some of the pictures below of these amazing vessels under constuction.

In the evening the group availed itself of Poole Quayside's hospitalities, and took a tour around Brownsea Island the following day.

Our "merry band exploring" ....
Our "merry band exploring" ....
New Bridlington Lifeboat
New Bridlington Lifeboat
Atlantic Class under construction
Atlantic Class under construction
Atlantic Class under construction
Atlantic Class under construction
Brownsea Island
Brownsea Island
Brownsea Island
Brownsea Island
Brownsea Island
Brownsea Island

By Editor, Oct 9 2017 04:40PM

Friday afternoon kicked off with a much appreciated Cream Tea aboard Blue Diamond, appreciated that is by those who'd just come upstream in the 'pouring rain!’

Then the assembled crews met for evening entertainment; drinks and nibbles at the Penton Hook Club house, and an opportunity to meet and mingle with some of our fellow Thames mariners. This was followed by dinner in the club house restaurant and then some rather dubious dance moves, at the disco, by some of our crew members....! :-)

The following morning we gathered for the 'Safari Quiz'… When, after Tracie had released the animals into the ‘Safari Park’ and issued instructions on how to proceed and approach them safely our intrepid club members headed off warily.

In the distance screams could be heard every few minutes, perhaps screams of other intrepid safari goers being eaten or attacked?

Concerns were raised that our Safety Officer had gone AWOL, but it was deemed reasonable to proceed… and contact numbers were issued for the ranger, should they get into any trouble need a rescue party.

When the safari goers returned, worn out, dying of thirst, and dead on their feet they were treated to a glass of prosecco and a huge array of snacks (provided by Venture) and another quiz, followed by a BBQ and, oh yes, a few more drinks!

The winners of the quiz (Venture) were awarded the ‘Great Goose Award’ and we all returned back to our respective boats for a much earned nap.

Much, much later……

The night fun continued with another lively gathering and a movie night,aboard Bajan Princess (who provided an amazing Cheese board and Enterprise who provided port and brandy). The film was Stardust starring Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfieffer, and more, its a fun movie that harked back to our recent east coast cruise with it’s numerous references to Ipswich!

The film attracted plenty of commentary, and fun from the assembled crews, and we provided a great end to our days adventure.

Ooh Argh!

Commodore looking fetching in his Sou'wester!
Commodore looking fetching in his Sou'wester!
Presentation of the Great Goose Award to Ann & Maurice [Venture]..!
Presentation of the Great Goose Award to Ann & Maurice [Venture]..!
Venture - Winners of the ‘Great Goose Award’  [Loosy Goosey] here with Anne
Venture - Winners of the ‘Great Goose Award’ [Loosy Goosey] here with Anne

By Editor, Aug 7 2017 11:30AM

For fun our commodore propsed a circuit, between Chertsey and Shepperton Locks to be completed without touching the throttles [Of course good sense must prevail in regard of safety ], after passing a designated start line and the finish.

Essentiially, as follows;

The basis of the competition is that a route will be given to each skipper, in advance of the start, which will identify whether you start going up river or down, this avoids congestion at bridges etc. In principle the routes will involve passing the start line at a time calculated by each skipper in order to complete the course passing the finish line as close to 20:00 as possible.

Your vessels throttles must be set before you pass the start line and not touched for the duration of the course until passing the finish line. Any excessive weaving, circling or lowering trim tabs to reduce speed is forbidden and must be reported by the adjudicator in your vessel. All respective partners must be relocated onto other vessels as adjudicators to ensure no cheating. However bribery of the adjudicators through ample supplies of food or alcohol may be permitted as long as they are coherent and able stand without support after the event!

The route will involve passing though Chertsey Bridge before turning to transit downstream. It is advised that you do not enter the weir stream as there are hidden shoals and you may run aground. Note that vessels travelling downstream have priority.

The course will also involve passing around Pharaohs Island in a clockwise direction for all competitors. You may be selected to start facing up river or down according to your final instructions.

The trick is to know the speed of your vessel at a throttle setting ie Idle, and the distance your route includung the number of circuits. Having calculated how long the course will take to complete will give you your starting time in order to pass the finish at 20:00. Each vessel may start at any time selected by the skipper

The winner will be the boat passing the finish line nearest to 20:00 either before or after that time.

Our winner of the event was Maurice in Venture with a near perfect finshing time, just off by a few seconds.

Others.... were somewhat wild of the mark and maybe even disqualified!!

But another great club gathering, good food & drink, company and merriment - thank you Commodore for the crazy idea!!!

A great turn out for the event, and great fun had by all...
A great turn out for the event, and great fun had by all...

By Editor, Aug 7 2017 10:47AM

Our two week excursion down the Thames and up along the East coast, taking in various stops along the way, essentially;

Teddington to Chatham,

Chatham to Ipswich Neptune

Ipswich Neptune to Woodbridge,

Woodbridgeto Tichmarsh,

Tichmarsh to Burnham-on-Crouch

Burnham-on-Crouch to Chatham

Chatham back to Teddington, then home

In the end only three of the original four vessels set off; Bajan Princess, Blue Diamond and Bagpuss & Co. Venture unfortunately having to stand-down.

We were incredibly fortunate with the weather. Mostly sunny, with F3~4 calm seas. Only a couple of days did we have to reconsider plans, when the wind started to pick-up. But even then it was only gusting F5~6, and we could perhaps have continued with the original schedule but in the interests of enjoying, rather than enduring, the ride we opted to change plans slightly; dropping Shotley from our list of stops, and returning from Chatham a day early. Although to be fair the later change still left us with the bumpiest ride of the trip, back up through the Thames - all of us suffering from more than a light splash of sea-spray!!

We met and ate together on numerous occasions, but were also not in each others pocket all the time.

During the trip we celebrated Tracie’s birthday about Bajan Princess; thank you Graham & Philippa for arranging the cakes and prosecco!

More than once the radiowaves were treated to the, rather unofficial, radio call:-

Bagpuss, dear Bagpuss

Old fat furry cat-puss

Wake up and look at this thing that I bring

Wake up, be bright

Be golden and light

Bagpuss, Oh hear what I sing

To which Les would respond "Bagpuss receiveing, over" - no doubt having heard it all before...!

Woodbridge was probably the favourite stop with its nearby small town and very pleasant marina. We all managed a good walk around and some fabulous weather, as well as the run up and back along the meandering Deben River.

We were very pleased to have Philip join us aboard Blue Diamond at Woodbridge, for the cruise back to our home mooring. Amongst other things, he and Tracie delighted at spotting "Swifallows" ... not being practiced ornithologists determining a Swift from a Swallow became to dificult, hence the creation of a new breed!

Bagpuss & Co, showing a turn of speed at sea.
Bagpuss & Co, showing a turn of speed at sea.
Low Water - Sill at Tide Mill Marina, usually covered by ~2m at HW
Low Water - Sill at Tide Mill Marina, usually covered by ~2m at HW
Upnor Castle. Chatham
Upnor Castle. Chatham
'Dog TV' at Chatham kept  Shadow ammused for the evening!
'Dog TV' at Chatham kept Shadow ammused for the evening!
Bajan Princess and Bagpuss on our way into Tichmarsh
Bajan Princess and Bagpuss on our way into Tichmarsh

By Editor, Jun 16 2017 11:22AM

The club met at Runnymeade

To celebrate the queen

Oh what fun we had

Our crowns were the best ever seen

Tracey ,Nick and Quentin

Played a royal part

Les and Margaret glittered

As King and queen of hearts .

Jenny was all pearly queen

And Colin looked a dear

But Chris was our winner

In a crown made of BEER (cheer)

Melbar was in dry dock

It's bottom was in troubles

So Lee and Chris came by car

And bought us all some bubbles

We played some games

And wrote amazing dittys

Phil brought enough cakes

To all enlarge our .......tummies

We ate in the Italian

And partied in the dark

Thank you all for coming

It was all a bit of a lark !!

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